Jann Rutherford

Jann Rutherford

Concert on 5th September, 8:30pm

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of New Zealand born pianist and composer Jann Rutherford, whose life was cut short by cancer back in 2003. Rutherford’s name has been brought to the music-public’s consciousness in the form of the award named after her, which was devised to assist and encourage aspiring upcoming women jazz musicians. As time passes however, it seems less people are aware of the music and story of this inspiring musician.

Blind virtually from birth, Jann Rutherford learned piano from the age of three. She moved to Sydney in 1989 to do the jazz studies course at the Conservatorium here, before going on to win the National Jazz Awards in 1992. Since then she has recorded two albums on the Tall Poppies label and left us a considerable portfolio of her unique jazz pieces. Having met her in 1993, Cutlan helped notate a number of Rutherford’s compositions and formed a firm musical friendship over the years.

Cutlan, along with Rutherford’s other band members considered this year an important time to bring her expressive and uniquely colourful music back into the limelight. On 5th September, Sydney-siders have the opportunity to hear the group, which also includes New Zealander Roger Manins on saxophones, Craig Scott on bass and drummer Dave Goodman. This distinguished line up will be joined by award winning pianist and friend Matt McMahon.

5th September, 8:30pm

Sound Lounge at the Seymour Centre, Cnr City Road and Cleveland Street, Chippendale

presented by SIMA – www.sima.org.au

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